Juqe Yoga Black coloured Gift Box with Juqe Yoga Logo and Lotus flower image. The Gift Box Includes - Premium Tie/Dye Pink Purple and Blue coloured, Non-Slip Silicone and microfibre Yoga Mat Towel,  Matching Sweat Towel and Trendy Pink Tote bag.
Juqe Yoga. Premium Tie Dye Yoga Gift Box.
Juqe Yoga. Premium Tie Dye Yoga Gift Box.
Juqe Yoga. Premium Tie Dye Yoga Gift Box.
Juqe Yoga. Premium Tie Dye Yoga Gift Box.

Juqe Yoga. Premium Tie Dye Yoga Gift Box.

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Save with our Premium Juqe Yoga Gift Box.

Includes - Tie-Dye Premium Non-Slip Yoga Mat Towel, Matching Sweat Towel and Trendy Tote Bag.



  • PREVENTS SLIPPING, GRIPS BOTH SIDES - Each yoga towel is printed with a durable non-slip silicone design on both sides. This  prevents slipping and provides a great grip for your hands and feet while holding and changing poses.
  • SMOOTH UNDERFOOT - Unlike other non-slip yoga towels the silicone design is embedded into the towel to create a smooth effect underfoot, so you can't feel any bumps, like when using towels with silicone dots.
  • SUPER ABSORBENT - Designed for Exercise, made with ultra soft, super absorbent and quick drying microfibre suede fabric. Absorbs sweat and moisture easily and makes a great mat topper for Bikram, Hot Yoga, Pilates or any sweaty practise.
  • USE ON OR OFF THE MAT - Its XL size covers most yoga mats entirely. It can be used both on or off the mat.  Measures (183 x 67cm (72" x 26.5")
  • PROTECTS AND PROLONGS THE LIFE OF YOUR YOGA MAT - Protects your yoga mat from unsightly perspiration stains and prolongs the life of your mat.  
  • CREATES A BARRIER FROM BACTERIA - Creates a perfect hygienic barrier if you want to use a studio mat on days when you don't want to be carrying your mat around.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT - Perfect for travelling as it is lightweight and easily folds into a bag after use.
  • MACHINE WASHABLE - Easy to keep your practise area clean, just throw it in the washing machine on cool after use and hang or tumble dry on a low setting.
  • WE CARE ABOUT OUR PLANET - We endeavour to use eco-friendly, non-toxic and sustainable materials in all our products. Our silicone coatings are OEKO TEX Certified.
  • DESIGNED IN AUSTRALIA - Our yoga towels are lovingly designed in Australia and are available in 3 gorgeous colours. 


  • SUPER ABSORBENT - Made from luxurious microfibre suede, absorbs moisture and sweat easily. Dries quickly to make your practise more comfortable. Perfect for yoga, pilates or any exercise class.
  • BEAUTIFULLY SOFT – Our towels are ultra-soft and gentle on the skin. Lint free, so no fluffy bits sticking to your face or clothes.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT – Folds easily into your bag after use, measures 80 x 40 cm. Easy to carry anywhere.
  • HIGH QUALITY STITCHING – Prevents fraying extending the life of your towel.
  • OTHER USES – Use an eye covering in "Savasana" so you can get the most out of your relaxation time. Fold your towel for a bit of extra cushioning under the knees during certain poses. Use it instead of a strap to help with your stretching. Wet your sweat towel and use it as a cooling towel in hot weather.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY- Made from Eco-friendly and sustainable materials.



  • VERSATILE – Use this trendy Tote Bag for all your Yoga essentials. Great for the beach and everyday casual wear!
  • GREAT SIZE – Fold your Yoga Mat Towel and Sweat Towel into your Tote for easy transportation. Plenty of room for your water bottle and personal belongings too. Measures 45 x 32 x 9cm.
  • SUPER SOFT – Luxurious microfibre suede with super soft straps, makes this Tote so comfortable to carry. You’ll want to take it everywhere!
  • INTERNAL POCKET – Don’t lose your phone or keys in the bottom of your bag. Store them in the handy internal pocket.
  • MACHINE WASHABLE – Machine wash on a cool setting. Wash your tote from time to time to keep it fresh and clean. Hang to dry or tumble dry on low. Washes up like new!
  • ECO-FRIENDLY- Made from Eco-friendly and sustainable materials.
  • BE A STYLISH YOGI – Co-ordinate your Towels and Tote bag to be the envy of your friends.